Aladdin Lamp Solid Brass 8" (Genie Lamp) For Cone Incense Burner 8"

Aladdin Lamp Solid Brass 8" (Genie Lamp) For Cone Incense Burner 8"

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Aladdin Lamp is perfect for burning cone incense, so you can find your favorite scent and have a calming experience. This beautiful magical lamp is made of solid brass its classic oil lamp shape and carved design makes it a perfect decor item for altars and display space alike.

Use this lamp to burn incense cones simply open the lid and place a cone on the top. Note this is not an oil lamp and it doesn't emit smoke out of the nozzle it is simply for decoration. With our Aladdin Lamp you can enjoy the serenity and aroma of fragrances in your home.

It is necessary to place the burner on a heat resistant surface.
Even with sand beneath the charcoal, the brass will still get hot.
Do NOT touch the burner with bare hands until the charcoal has been out for a while.

Measures 8" in length
Material: Made of Solid Brass in India
Incense type: Cone

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