Prepared Candle Burning Altar Service

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Need Assistance With Setting Intentions? We Offer A Candle Service for Various Rituals

Our Altar Candle Service offers personalized spell candles for:

  • Money Magic Spells
  • Protection Spells
  • Self-Love Rituals
  • Strong Love Rituals
  • Health & Healing Rituals
  • Court Case Rituals
  • General Blessings
  • Ancestor Veneration

About the Candle Burn Service

We offer a personalized candle ritual where we prepare a 7 day spell candle tailored to your unique needs utilizing my 15 years of experience in magic and candle burning has allowed me to develop a distinct and unique spell casting and petitioning techniques for maximum effectiveness.

This service is ideal for those with focused intentions for specific situations, as the focused energy allows the complete burning of the spell candle to harnesses and amplifies the spell's energy as opposed to working in group ritual services. 

To find all of our available spelled candles and read their descriptions they can be found here.

If you are not able to perform candle work in your home due to family prying eye or spiritual and religious differences then this is the service for YOU!

The following special services are offered with 7 Day Spiritual Candles:

  • All glass candles will be fixed, dressed, prayed-over, and fully prepared.
  • When your candle has completed its burn, you will receive a brief Divinatory Candle Report telling you the outcome of our work done on your behalf.
  • The report will be sent to you via email message unless you another method is discussed.

What is an Altar Burn Service?

It’s a type of vigil; which is carried out for a cure, clearing or purification of a specific situation in your life. Essentially candles are used to feed your problem with energy so that spirit/ancestors/source/creator/God can help remove obstacles or turn around a situation in your favor.

Vigils or Velaciónes can be utilized to energetically transform a difficult situation into an ideal one and can ensure a more effective clearing, healing, and renewal with intended desires.

A proper ritual combines the three magical principles of concentration, will power and visualization to heighten the energy and bring your wishes to fruition. It continues to become an extension of mental power and energy as it burns allowing their vibrations to that will fill a sacred space.

Reasons For Candle Burning Services:

  • Obtaining ideal living spaces
  • Realizing an ideal outcome in a lawsuit
  • Securing ideal renters
  • Getting an ideal job
  • Increasing business flow
  • Acquiring ideal employment contracts for various types of industries
  • Softening hearts and healing relationships
  • Removing various kinds of obstacles
  • Revealing the truth

Candle Color Spiritual Meaning

Black: banishing, protection, divination
Blue: truth, tranquility, psychic ability
 stability, practicality, grounding and endurance
Green: growth, healing, abundance and luck
vitality, success, and strength 
Pink: healing emotional wounds, attract affection, foster harmony, promote self-love and compassion
Purple: self esteem, psychic ability, insight, protection 
Orange: creativity, success, pride, ambition, and joy
Red: passionate, love, desire, and vitality 
Yellow: intellect, clarity, communication, and confidence
White: cleansing, healing, spiritual protection, use in lieu of other colors
Silver: intuition, balance, receptivity

Important Information About Candle Magic:

  • Magic works best when tailored to specific situations rather than broad aspects of life.
  • Results may manifest quickly or take up to three months, depending on your circumstances.
  • There are no guarantees with magic and manifestation. Persistence and determination are key to seeing significant changes. Spirits respond more favorably to gratitude than entitlement.

How Does An Altar Service Work?

  1. How to Make a Petition: Contact Shop owner to discuss petition needs. 
  2.   Email 
  3. Purchase listing: (Single, Set of 3, Set of 5).
    Please include the name of the candle, your full name and date of birth, and the desired outcome you wish to achieve.
  4. Candle will be dressed, blessed, oiled, herbed, and lit on altar 
  5. A photo & glass reading of finished candle will be provided, Your candle report will contain a true account of all the spiritual signs and omens seen in your candle. We may include our thoughts about the potential outcome of your petition and prayers, and we may make recommendations for further prayers, candle work, or spell-casting based on the signs left in the candle glass. 

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